Mothercast Technical Overview

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The Mothercast process:


1. Capture program to a digital format


Stage or event activity is captured through a camera and input to an in-house placed Mothercast Server.  The Mothercast Server contains hardware components assembled to encode and encrypt the content being captured.


2. Convert content and upload to Mothercast Distribution Servers


The Mothercast Server takes the program video and audio and encodes it, sending a video file to the Mothercast Stream Servers.  


Mothercast uses varying rates for uploading content in order to better manage load balancing of data to the Mothercast Broadcast Servers.  Typically, the upload rate is approximately 284 kbt but may vary between 180 kb and 350 kb depending upon available internet connections throughput.  The quality of the upload is constrained by the connection speed and traffic of the internet connection onsite and the connection speed of the viewers internet connection.  Standard wifi, dsl and cable internet connections are more than adequate for high quality viewer experiences.


3. Mothercast Broadcast Servers & Delivery Network


Once the feed is acquired by the Mothercast Broadcast Servers, the server re-distributes the encrypted data throughout the network using a load-balancing formula. 


4. Mothercast viewing experience


Viewers tune in at a client's website and do not need any special hardware or software.  Most programs are delivered using Flash Video, however other formats are also supported.


Depending upon the configuration, viewers can watch free, pay-per-view or with an email account or "opt-in" access.


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