Combine-X takes an activist approach to changing the way businesses and industries operate.


Combine-X aligns with interested entrepreneurs to transform businesses and industries using innovative, long-term strategies and methods. 


We believe there are unparalleled opportunities to build a portfolio based on community principles of voluntary mutual association.  We believe in dividends and yield principles, fair exchange, activist investments, stable cash-flow and consistent, sustainable, asset growth.


Combine-X focuses on the lifestyle and wellness industries.  As the era where the wild and wooly world of cash stripping, corporate excess and short-term thinking finally comes to a close, we believe there are unparalleled opportunities to build businesses based on community principles, with solid returns and sustainable growth.


Today, as never before, there are opportunities to create strong, quality businesses and these can be made a reality through open and performance oriented team building organization.


We seek to align ourselves with employee, shareholding and management groups along with independent investors to take a hands-on approach to restructuring and bring ground-breaking, paradigm shifts, to opportunities.